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Mojo Sportswear: The Next Level of Fishing Apparel [VIDEO]

The outdoor apparel market is pretty saturated these days. But a few companies stand out with their creative styles and functionality. Mojo Sportswear is one of those brands. 

Mojo Sportswear is the vision of saltwater fisherman Tim Mossberg. With 20 years of experience working in the outdoor apparel industry, he decided to try his hand at a company himself.

Mojo has experienced explosive growth since its launch in 2009, being sold in retail locations across the country with a strong presence in South and Central America.

Mojo makes apparel primarily for anglers, with a pro staff of 25 of the country’s top captains and fishermen. They also have a line of surfer-inspired board shorts, a casual line, outerwear, and footwear. The apparel collections are still small but they are a growing company.

Check out their promo.

Mojo Sportswear courteously sent me the Queen Bee Performance T-Shirt in their women’s collection. It has a UPF 50+ for protection against the sun. The shirt I received is black so I was grateful for the moisture wicking to keep the sweat off my body. After I went in the water, it dried very quickly.

All of the Mojo gear is made with performance fabrics and are functionally designed for anglers, but still stylish. They even have a camo collection. They do need to expand on their female products though!

Pick out a fishing shirt or two here and keep your eye out for rapidly-growing Mojo Sportswear in retail stores near you.

“This ain’t your Paw Paw’s fishing shirt!”

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Mojo Sportswear: The Next Level of Fishing Apparel [VIDEO]