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Top Picks for MOJO Outdoors Decoys

MOJO Outdoors decoys could be the next best purchase you make.


Duck and bird season is a fantastic time of year. We can’t help but get excited just thinking about it. But with the season comes a need to gear up and be as prepared as possible, with an arsenal of great picks that will help you harvest your limit.

We wanted to highlight MOJO Outdoors, a company that’s making some of the better decoys we’ve come across recently, and have John-Paul in North Carolina to thank for suggesting we round up some of the best MOJO offerings. They’re super realistic, extremely durable, and will be a great addition to anyone’s bird hunting gear.

View the slideshow for the top MOJO Outdoors decoy picks.

1. MOJO Outdoors™ Motorized Baby Hen Decoy

Give the MOJO Outdoors™ Motorized Baby Hen Decoy a try and you’ll love the realistic movement.

2. MOJO Outdoors™ Gadwall Motorized Decoy

Gadwall are growing in popularity. The MOJO Outdoors™ Gadwall Motorized Decoy will let you join in the fun.

3. MOJO Outdoors™ Motorized Mallard Duck Decoy with Remote, Drake

What’s better than a motorized duck decoy? A MOJO Outdoors™ Motorized Mallard Duck Decoy with a Remote. Control things from afar and you’ll increase your chances.

5. MOJO Bluebill Floater

Attract blues with the MOJO Bluebill Floater which has been updated to be even more durable.

7. Mojo Outdoors™ Mojo Voodoo Dove

Don’t forget about Mojo Outdoors™ Mojo Voodoo Dove decoys, they are just as reliable.

8. Mojo Outdoors 4-Pack Dove

Even the sit still versions of the Mojo Outdoors 4-Pack Dove will see results.

10. Mojo Outdoors Pick Stick

With all these decoys doing their jobs, you’ll have plenty of shells to pick up. Don’t leave any behind with the Mojo Outdoors Pick Stick.

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Top Picks for MOJO Outdoors Decoys