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Modern Survival: Flint Knapping Beer Bottle Arrowheads

Be on your way to flint knapping beer bottle arrowheads in no time after this video.

What is bushcraft? There are many different answers to this same question, and possibly all correct. Bushcraft and related skills are defined individually by people who participate in them.

Generally speaking, people who practice bushcraft are practicing skills of the past, because they believe they have relevance in the present and future. Billy Berger is a man with a reputation for bushcraft skills.

Watch here as Billy demonstrates how to turn a piece of roadside litter into an effective hunting tool.

As a beginning flintknapper, one thing I love about this video is the low-cost option it provides me with for learning the basics. Buying and shipping more traditional knapping materials can seem like an unnecessary burden for many beginning flinknappers. In my opinion, it's hard to cough up hard earned cash to ship rocks around the country.

Litter like this can literally be found by the bucket full on most county roads, which makes learning much more accessible. With so much potential material just lying around, it takes just a little ambition or interest to get started.

Practicing on these pieces won't make you a master flint knapper by any means. Much of the art in knapping is in the skill of getting a chunk of material into a nice bi-faced shape to knock out a point.

Flintknapping beer bottle arrowheads is great because it can get you started down the path of knapping. It teaches the basics of the craft, and at the end of the day you might have some cool points to show off to friends and family. Heck, it might even spawn into an obsession like it appears to have for Billy Berger.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn about knapping arrowheads, hopefully this has given you the inspiration to start breaking glass and get started.


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Modern Survival: Flint Knapping Beer Bottle Arrowheads