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The Modern Archer’s Gift Guide

No longer is archery just a sport for traditionalist hunters.

Technological innovations have brought bowhunting firmly into the 21st Century, with state of the art bows, accessories, add-ons and auxiliary products that can go a long way in assuring an archer’s success and enjoyment out in the woods.

Whether the hunting enthusiast on your holiday shopping list this year is a bowhunter already, or has expressed interest in trying out the challenges of archery in the past, this modern archer’s gift guide is built to help you deck that person out in the best of the best gear that the sport has to offer.

Bow Sights: Perhaps one of the first technological add-ons that most bowhunters seek for their go-to weapon is a bow sight. Sight equipment runs the range in style and price, from inexpensive products like the Spot-Hogg Rheostat Bow Sight Light – which goes for about $20 – to very pricy accessories like the Leupold Vendetta Bow-Mounted Rangfinder ($300).

Sight lights like the Spot-Hogg Rheostat are good for low-light conditions where seeing bow components and aiming is difficult. Full-fledged scopes like the Leupold Vendetta provide high-tech digital read-outs of the distance between a hunter and their target. Both can help improve a bowhunter’s aim, but they do so in very different ways.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.47.00 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Binoculars: Of course, not all archers like to have a scope adding bulk to their bow. If the archer you are shopping for is more of a classicist, then a nice pair of binoculars might be the perfect gift for them. Binoculars also range dramatically in price: Bass Pro Shops offers an $18 compact pair with a field view of 1,000 yards, but you can also opt for something like the Leica Geovid HD-B Rangefinding Binoculars. These are binoculars made of the finest materials available, with a 2,000-yard field view and a laundry list of features. The price of $2,999 is understandably geared toward the luxury hunting crowd.

modern - compactPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Muddy Outdoors Bow Mount Phone Holder: A product like this may seem unnecessary, but a bow mount for a smartphone is perfect for hunters who like to film or photograph their experience from a firsthand perspective. The set up is remarkably easy, and the price ($29.99) makes it a perfect stocking stuffer for a bowhunter in your life who already has most of the conventional accessories.

modern - muddyPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Bow Presses: It’s a fact of being a modern compound bow archer: every once in awhile, you are going to need to re-string the bow. When that time comes, a bow press will be needed. Bowmaster offers a nice portable bow press for under $50 that will get the job done for most modern archers, but those hoping to move into the professional realm – or to make a few bucks stringing bows for other people – would be wise to invest in a top of the line product like the aptly named X-Press Pro Bow Press. The X-Press is intuitive and easy to use, perfect for someone who has to re-string a large number of bows quickly.

modern - bow pressPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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The Modern Archer’s Gift Guide