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Mock Scrapes: What to Use, and How to Not Waste Effort [VIDEO]

Setting up mock scrapes has been central to early season buck hunting, so here are a few pointers. 

I am on a new hunting club this year and have never hunted the place. I chose to hunt the area that no one had ever hunted. With a freshly planted food plot and some good trail camera pictures, we captured a good 8-point on camera.

I knew that, from my previous knowledge and from what plenty of hunters had told me, that a mock scrape would be a good way to encourage a buck’s interest.

Mock strategy

I picked up a kit of Tink’s Power Scrape, available here. I set this up one in my food plot where the buck has been seen on camera and the other in a hardwood bottom I actually saw the buck. To set them up I tried to do it as much like a deer would choose a spot. A travel area under a tree with a licking branch makes a good place to start.

The starter kit will give you enough to fill the two drippers the kit comes with. So far, the drippers have worked great. They have dripped day time only and have lasted about three days.


Some folks don’t like the idea of a dripper, so Tink’s also makes a spray bottle that you can use to spray your own scrapes. This could also be used to refill the drippers if you choose to. I personally like the idea of the drippers so I can keep my smell away as much as possible. The spray bottle is available here.

Timing is key

In north Georgia where our club is the pre rut activities are starting. Young bucks are sparring and the bachelor groups are breaking up. This in my mind is the perfect time to get these mock scrapes out. My reason behind this is that I want these bucks that are starting to claim territory to wonder, ‘Who thinks they can claim this, I am the biggest buck in the woods!’

These deer, from what I have seen, definitely have a pecking order. There’s the dominant deer that tends to run the show, then come the others. Typically, your dominant deer will let their lower herd mates work their order out amongst themselves. By placing these mock scrapes out early, I hope to trick them into thinking they are the dominant buck in the area, and feed their urge to run the other deer out.

In my head, this will help make them more responsive to grunting rattling and using the typical rut style of hunting we have grown accustomed to.

The full scouting gig

I will be running trail cameras over these areas to hopefully be able to get some of my footage. This is a video from another member last year using the same Tink’s Power Scrape applications. I would suggest checking out their full line of products.

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No, I don’t hunt for Tink’s, but have had great success with every one of their products I have tried. Give it a shot and please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear what you think about.

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Mock Scrapes: What to Use, and How to Not Waste Effort [VIDEO]