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Mock Scrape and ‘Transplanted’ Licking Branch Brings Big Buck In

Looking to attract a big buck to your stand this season? Give this licking branch trick a try.

Whitetail deer are creatures of habit, with a broad range of behaviors that are much more prevalent during the fall rut.

Although creating a mock scrape in the shooting lane of your stand isn’t a new concept for most hunters, the addition of an active licking branch might be.

After reading about this technique, I decided to test it out.

I created a mock scrape in an open area, using a stick to rake up the leaves and loose soil. Locating an active scrape some 50 yards away, I carefully cut off the licking branch, attaching it to the overhanging branch directly above my mock scrape.

No doe estrus or buck urine attractant was used, but if legal, this can definitely make the scrape more attractive.

Watch what happens two days after I set up this experiment.

I was quite surprised this buck didn’t freshen up the mock scrape that had now been covered up by a light layer of snow.

Regardless, he sure went to work on that licking branch!

Give this technique a try next time you hit the woods. As you saw, this beauty nine-point buck sure fell hook, line, and sinker for it.


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Mock Scrape and ‘Transplanted’ Licking Branch Brings Big Buck In