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Mobo Gobbler Adds New Dynamic to Turkey Hunting

This Mobo Gobbler brings a whole new dynamic to hunting over a decoy!

Mobo Gobbler is the new and improved way to bring your tom decoy, or any decoy for that matter, to life.

Talk about an all wheel drive decoy, this decoy could go all the way across the field if it wanted and bring the turkeys right to where a hunter is set up.

The only downside one might see is that it is bulky and makes noise, so the use of calls while steering the Mobo Gobbler should help dampen the sound of the remote steering.

However, the idea is incredibly ingenious and, if affordable, could break into the market with the right help. The simple, yet intuitive, design uses a remote to control a base on wheels which you then strap you strutting turkey mount to. The Mobo Gobbler will do the rest.

No matter what happens though, kudos to the guy for trying this out and giving us all something to chuckle about.

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Mobo Gobbler Adds New Dynamic to Turkey Hunting