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MLF Angler Jeff Kriet Goes 'All In' to Collect Hung Bass


Proving once again that MLF isn't your normal bass tournament when you can jump in the water to retrieve your bass.

Major League Fishing(MLF) has quickly become one of the most popular tournaments to watch. It completely changed the game for how a bass tournament was fished by counting every fish that was caught towards total weight.

Anglers can even go to extremes to make sure every fish they hook, even those that get hung up, make it back to the boat. That is what MLF angler Jeff Kriet did in one of the most recent tournaments by jumping in after a bass that had become stuck under the dock he was fishing.

Was the fish worth the penalty he took to retrieve it? Watch as Kriet recounts the moment below.

It really does crack me up when I watch the MLF tournaments at what these guys will resort to for a chance to win. I don't think fishing is any more competitive than at these tournaments.

I was really hoping that fish was gonna be a decent sized hog for Kriet after jumping in there after him like that. Made it even funnier that it was only a two pounder though. It counted, but I don't think that was worth taking the penalty for.

If you have never seen or heard of MLF I highly suggest you check it out at their website, Outdoor Channel, or World Fishing Network. I promise you won't be disappointed.


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MLF Angler Jeff Kriet Goes 'All In' to Collect Hung Bass