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Mixed Comments Emerge About Humpback Whale Encounter in California [VIDEO]

Depending on your views, this humpback whale video was an incredible experience or downright stupid human behavior.

In light of recent events in the media happening around the country, it seems that even a video of people watching a humpback whale from their kayak can be a controversial talking point with two sides to the story. As soon as this video was posted by Your Central Coast News, comments started flooding the page.

There are two definitive sides to this tale. One group thinks that this video is an amazing experience and the kayakers are lucky to have witnessed it, not to mention capture it on video. Before we get to the negative comments, see the video yourself and find out what you think.

Other viewers think it’s a clear violation of the whales’ oceanic rights, as seen in the comments sections from the video.

The whales are not swimming close to the kayakers, THE KAYAKERS are kayaking way too close to the whales, WORD.
In another comment:
Why is violation of the 100 foot distance regulation and not harassing wildlife not being enforced? Kayakers are now crowding and competing to get their 2 minutes of Facebook video fame. If the whales don’t have a peaceful feeding area, it’s our own fault if they go elsewhere. Selfish

So what do you think? Did these kayakers maliciously chase these whales down to video them? Perhaps whales just sort of do what they want and appeared near the kayakers?

We can’t really say. All we have to go on is the video evidence, and as you can tell, it’s up to the eyes of the beholder.

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Mixed Comments Emerge About Humpback Whale Encounter in California [VIDEO]