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Mister Twister’s New Bass Bait Touted as “Sinfully Effective” [VIDEO]

Fish may not stand a chance against Mister Twister’s new bass bait.

The latest release from Mister Twister is the Magnum SinSation, a technologically advanced piece of tackle that’s claimed as an effective and versatile bait ready for action.

A 5-inch long soft bait, the Magnum SinSation features a thick front body with a tapered-down back end. This allows for easy rigging and realistic balance and glide.

Here’s some video footage of the bait in action from Mister Twister‘s YouTube channel:

More fishing videos you’ve got to see:

The entire body is ribbed and covered with a series of Poc’it chambers, which increases water disturbance and slows its swimming speed.

Two front curly tails pulsate to attract attention, and a large curly tail at the back end does the same.

The Magnum SinSation is available in 10 colors and can be Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, added as a skirt to spinner or buzzbaits, and even works as a large drop shot bait.

Now then, did anyone warn the bass about this?

Have you tried a Magnum SinSation this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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Mister Twister’s New Bass Bait Touted as “Sinfully Effective” [VIDEO]