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Missouri Town Menaced By Monster Python Until It's Finally Dispatched [VIDEO]

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We're gonna need a bigger gun. There's a monster snake in the backyard!

The St. Louis Fox affiliate KTVI is reporting a 14-foot, 7-inch Burmese python had been skulking around the Jonesburg, Missouri neighborhood for a few days.

Neighbors caught glimpses of it and were on edge, but it wasn't until July 28 that one of them was able to dispatch it.

I can imagine the conversation the two neighbors had regarding firepower needed to kill the python. The pistol isn't a bad option, but hitting it in the head would be critical. You wouldn't want to wound a snake like that and allow it to slither away. The shotgun was probably the best choice.

Maybe we need a new sporting clays scenario called, "The Escaped Python?"

Folks in Missouri aren't used to being on the menu for reptiles. That's more of a Florida thing. We've all heard the stories of monster pythons surfacing in the Everglades constricting alligators, but it's rare you hear of one caught in rural Missouri. This one was about to put the moves on a pet poodle.

Missouri residents are becoming increasingly aware of the state's growing populations of black bears and mountain lions, but not pythons. Until winter rolls around, they'll have to keep an eye out for both four-legged, and now no-legged predators.

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Missouri Town Menaced By Monster Python Until It's Finally Dispatched [VIDEO]