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Missouri is Stocking Rainbow Trout in Urban Lakes [PICS]

MIssouri Department of Conservation

Winter trout fishing is set to begin in Missouri Nov. 1, and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is stocking urban lakes with rainbow trout in preparation.

The MDC is stocking 31 urban-area lakes with more than 70,000 rainbow trout to provide an opportunity for anglers living in those areas to catch a fish they normally wouldn’t find.

“Trout are typically found in the cold, spring-fed, streams of southern Missouri,” MDC Fisheries Programs Specialist Andrew Branson said.

“Stocking selected lakes and ponds around the state during the winter months provides close-to-home trout fishing opportunities in parts of Missouri that you normally won’t find trout.”

MIssouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Department of Conservation

The catch-and-release winter season runs through Jan. 31. However, some of the urban lakes allow catch-and-keep as soon as the fish are stocked. Others allow catch-and-keep fishing as early as Feb. 1.

For a list of Missouri’s urban-area lakes stocked for winter trout fishing, visit the MDC website.

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Missouri is Stocking Rainbow Trout in Urban Lakes [PICS]