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Missouri Morel Mushroom Hunters Spot Early Risers

Ron Cook via Kansas City Star

In Jasper County, Missouri, some lucky morel mushroom hunters have reported early sightings. 

The Missouri Morel Hunting Facebook page has reported early activity in morel sightings and has even produced a map of where sightings have been reported.

Ron Cook, a resident of the Kansas City area connects morel mushroom hunters with one another, providing a community with an important message board.

FB/Missouri Morel Hunting
FB/Missouri Morel Hunting

KY3 in Joplin, Missouri reported that a man named Ike Wortman says he “found 63 morel mushrooms in a 30-by-30 foot area on his family’s farms in McDonald County.” The mild winter is considered to be the main cause of the early sprout.

While these Missouri morels are sprouting earlier than usual, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out looking! If you’re in the area or live in the Heartland, head out on a hike this weekend and keep your eyes open for any random morels.

If they’re sprouting early in Missouri, they could be sprouting early anywhere.



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Missouri Morel Mushroom Hunters Spot Early Risers