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Missouri Grandmother Takes Down Beautiful 10-Point Buck

The Kansas City Star

While some people were looking at their television, this 84-year-old grandmother was looking through her scope at a beautiful 10-pointer.

Jean Talbert of Crawford County, Missouri took a page out of her to-do list and bagged a big 10-point buck on the first day of the Missouri firearms season.

The 84-year-old grandmother has been hunting since she retired from teaching in 1988 and hasn’t looked back.

“I think I’ve taken a deer every year,” said Talbert “and I’ve taken my share of turkeys, too.”

Unfortunately she couldn’t enjoy the opening morning hunt with the rest of the family. She was relegated to the house with her binoculars, but did see an 8-point cross the field behind their house.

Tolbert said, “I have congestive heart failure, so I can’t go out in the cold. So I stayed in while the others went out.”

Although the morning may have been lost, the determined Crawford County grandmother wouldn’t be denied.

Google Maps
Google Maps

She said that they had seen some nice bucks on their trail cameras, so they knew there were some “big ones out there.” Setting up on the family food plot later that day turned out to be right move.

Having enough patience for all of us, she finally saw the big buck coming, and with one squeeze of the trigger, she later had her first ever 10-pointer.

Her son-in-law Ed Franko said, “She really amazes me. She has patience like you wouldn’t believe.”

This is an awesome achievement for a little lady that officially has harvested more 10-pointers than most of us. Congratulations on a great deer!


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Missouri Grandmother Takes Down Beautiful 10-Point Buck