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Missouri Deer Season Closes with Astounding 260,552 Harvests


The Missouri deer season officially ended on Jan. 15, with the conclusion of archery season, and the harvest numbers were up from last year. 

The Missouri deer season had a total number of 260,552 harvests with the end of archery season officially on Jan. 15.

Missouri Department of Conservation reported that the number of harvests for the Missouri deer season was up 7,978 from last year.

51,755 deer were harvested during the archery season, an increase from last year’s total harvest which was 50,507. Counties with the highest harvests were: Jefferson with 1,080; St. Louis with 1,063; and Franklin with 1,032.

The Missouri deer season ended at the same time as the archery turkey season, which closed with 2,587 birds checked in. The top harvesting counties were: Greene with 64; Franklin with 60; and Callaway with 59.

Dates for the 2015-2016 firearms deer season are:

Urban portion – Oct. 9-12

Early youth portion – Oct. 31 and Nov. 1

November portion – Nov. 14-24

Antlerless portion – Nov. 25 through Dec. 6

Alternative-methods portion – Dec. 19-29

Late youth portion – Jan. 2-3

MDC reported that there were four fatal incidents during the 2014 Missouri deer season. One involved a fall from a treestand, another entailed a heater explosion in a deer blind, the third resulted in gunshot wound from another hunter, and the final fatality was due to a heart attack while hunting.

More about deer hunting in Missouri here.

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Missouri Deer Season Closes with Astounding 260,552 Harvests