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Missouri Deer Hunter Kills Huge Feral Pig

A Missouri deer hunter did not expect to bag a huge feral pig while hunting on the first day of the state’s firearm deer hunting season last November in the Ozark Mountains.

Hunter Curtis Barnett spotted the huge feral pig while hunting on state conservation department land near the town of Greenfield in Southwestern Missouri.

Barnett told the Springfield News-Leader that he saw something that looked like a deer in a fire lane about 50 yards in front of him.

“I walked up about 10 yards, and out came this wild hog,” said Barnett. “It was big, but at first it didn’t register how big.”

He shot and killed the pig using a Remington 7400 .270 caliber semiautomatic rifle. His first shot dropped the pig and the second finished the job. Here’s a picture of the kill:

bilde (1)

Barnett estimates the hog weighed around 400 pounds.

A Missouri Department of Conservation spokesperson told the Springfield News Leader that Barnett’s picture shows a pig that is bigger than most of the adult feral pigs they typically find in the Ozarks, which tend to be 200 to 250 pounds.

“That hog was like one huge muscle, and its fur was just like wire brush, real stiff bristles,” Barnett said.

He had to call his father to help hoist the huge feral pig onto an ATV and drive it out of the woods. The pig was apparently longer than their Ford pickup truck’s tailgate.

In the spirit of giving, Barnett donated the meat to a local family to help them through the winter.

Missouri considers the animal a pest, and encourages hunters to kill feral pigs year round.

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Photo Credit: The News Leader, Curtis Barnett

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Missouri Deer Hunter Kills Huge Feral Pig