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Missouri Breaks 13th State Record This Year with Trotline Crappie

A trotline crappie record isn't something you hear about every day.

The state of Missouri has been on fire this year with fishing records seemingly falling every week. The latest Missouri fishing record is an alternative methods catch that isn't something you would expect. However, for Colby Conn from Everton, luck was on his side as he pulled in a big trotline crappie.

Even though Conn was expecting a catfish, catching any fish on a trotline has been an exciting experience for him.

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"This year was the first year I have ever put out trotlines, and out of nowhere I catch a state-record white crappie. I really can't believe it," Conn said in an interview. "I would love to break another state record in the future, but I am fine with just having this one."

Weighing in at one pound, five ounces, Conn's white crappie isn't setting the world on fire, but for a trotline crappie in the state of Missouri, it beat the old record of twelve ounces easily.

2016 is shaping up to be an incredible year for catching record fish. Already, more state records have been caught in Missouri than are normally registered in an entire year.

The way records are falling, if you have some vacation time this summer it might not be a bad idea to go fish Missouri.


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Missouri Breaks 13th State Record This Year with Trotline Crappie