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Mississippi Has a New State Record Striped Bass

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This new state record striped bass claimed the top spot easily. 

The Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks Department has released an official press release recognizing the enormous size of a new state record striped bass that has just been caught by Rocky Rawls of Gautier, Mississippi.

As seen in the press release, Rawls was fishing with a bull minnow on the West Pascagoula River, which turns out to be right near his home. His new state record fish came in weighing 39.6 pounds, which easily broke the old record caught back in 1993 out of the Bouie River, weighing 37.82 pounds.

Fox Sports Outdoors

“Catching a state record fish does not happen very often. I was more than happy to certify the lunker striped bass for Mr. Rawls,” said Stan Crider, a fisheries biologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.

Rawls new state record just falls in line with the many other state records that have already fallen this year. For example, a giant 4.5 pound crappie was just caught in Florida, not to mention this enormous perch out of Idaho. If this trend continues, 2016 could be an incredible year for record fish.

Congrats Mr. Rawls! Hopefully your fish stays at the top for a long time to come!



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Mississippi Has a New State Record Striped Bass