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Mississippi Men Charged with Poaching in Alaska Sue Hunting Guide

A Madison, Mississippi doctor and two other Copiah County men arrested on suspicion of illegal hunting a federal reserve in Alaska are now suing the guide who took them there.

The attorney for three men, Dr. Michael Osborne, Randy Goza, and Terry Goza, has stated that the Mississippi men didn't know that the hunting guide they hired was not only an unlicensed hunter, but took them onto a federal reserve on their hunt in Alaska.

Terris Harris, the men's attorney, said that the guide Clark Dixon also took video of the illegal hunt and used it on his hunting show without the men's permission. When FBI agents then saw the video the three were brought up on several federal hunting violation charges.

According to an FBI agent that viewed the video, the men were in violation of the Lacey Act which prohibits the transport of wildlife taken in violation of any laws or regulations of any state.

The three men are also suing Clark Dixon, whose troubles are well known, for using the video on his hunting show without their consent. Their attorney Mr. Harris was adamant when he said "These are sophisticated defendants. It's a multibillion-dollar corporation that has this network. They own magazines, other TV shows, they know they are supposed to have authorization from these people before they air their likeness and make millions of dollars on it."

Dr. Osborne went ahead and paid the fine he was charged with, and though three other unidentified people were charged in the case as well, none of them are participating in the lawsuit.


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Mississippi Men Charged with Poaching in Alaska Sue Hunting Guide