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Mississippi Hunting and Fishing License Fees to Increase

Mississippi may see first increase in license prices in over 20 years.

House Bill 1151, which would raise the costs of most hunting and fishing licenses in the state, was passed by the Mississippi Senate in March.

If signed after some tweaks and rework in the House, in-state residents of Mississippi would see the first rate hike for hunting and fishing licenses since the early 1990s. The bill states that most license fees would see an increase of around 25 percent.

A combination fishing and hunting license, which allows fishing anywhere in the state as well as hunting deer and turkey, would see a proposed increase from the current $17 to $25.

A sportsmen's license, which is similar to the other combination license only with the addition of an allowance for use of primitive weapons and archery equipment, would see a change from the current $32 to $45, an increase of over 40 percent.

As reported by the Jackson Free Press, the increased revenue from the license fees hikes would help the state pay for more game wardens.


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Mississippi Hunting and Fishing License Fees to Increase