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Mississippi Has New B&C Buck for Record Books

B&C buck

Anytime a B&C buck is taken, it turns heads. 

Recently in Mississippi, a buck measuring out to 167 7/8ths inches gross, and 163 1/4th inches net, was harvested by Austin Blakeney. After the official drying period ends, it is expected that this real nice Boone and Crockett buck will place 11th all time for the state.

That’s not bad for a guy on opening weekend of the season, and it’s really not bad considering he didn’t even have a treestand hung until the day before.

“We didn’t have any lock-ons out because we took them down in the flood last year,” Blakeney said in an interview. “He put up the stand on Friday — the day before the deer was killed — on an acorn flat. I had no idea and he had no idea there was a big deer in there.”

B&C buck

As it turned out, five bucks walked out of a patch of woods not more than 30 yards from where Blakeney was sitting. Immediately, he knew there was no doubt about the massive 10-pointer walking his way.

“When I reached for my bow, he saw me,” Blakeney said. “When I drew back, he was still looking at me. I let it fly and hit him right where I needed to.”

The big B&C buck crashed down in short order. It was then that Blakeney was able to see exactly how big of a deer he’d just shot.

“He was just as big as I thought when I initially saw him,” Blakeney said. “All I could think is, ‘I just killed a giant with my bow.'”

Any way you look at it, that is one heck of a big deer. Congratulations!


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Mississippi Has New B&C Buck for Record Books