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Mississippi Confirms Two New State Record Fish [PICS]

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One state record fish is tiny, and one is pretty big.

In breaking outdoor news out of Mississippi, two new state record fish have been confirmed by two different fisherman. The Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources issued a statement showing that a gray snapper and a fat sleeper fish are now newly listed in the record books.

John Joseph is the angler that registered the gray snapper. Coming in at 15 pounds, 7.79 ounces, it beat the old record of 14 pounds, 7 ounces fairly easily.


The second record belongs to Kerry G. Hester. He is now the man who can now claim he has caught the largest fat sleeper in the history of Mississippi. Coming in at a whopping 1.058 ouncesit didn’t exactly tip any scales.


Considering that there even is a fat sleeper record for the state of Mississippi, this fish is a monster in its own rights.

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Mississippi Confirms Two New State Record Fish [PICS]