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Mississippi Buck Likely Boone and Crockett Record


This Mississippi buck is ginormous! 

It has been a great deer season for just about all of 2015 across the country. Multiple big deer have been taken and so many more have been seen that hunters will hope to see again next year. This particular Mississippi buck is just another example. It sure is a good story too, considering it almost didn't happen.

"Had we not been struggling with duck season this year, I can't really say I would have been sitting there," said Brett Mosley, the hunter who tagged this impressive deer. "I like deer hunting, but I'm more of a duck hunter. I was looking for a reason not to go sit in a deer stand."

Mississippi buck

However, due to the unseasonable colder weather that came in on the afternoon of this deer hunt, he couldn't help but find himself sitting in his treestand.

Just before dark, the monster in the pictures walked out of the woodline.

"I knew he was a mature deer and the type of deer we want to shoot. He was about 100 yards away. It was a no-brainer," he said. "I shot him right behind the shoulder and he piled up about 40 yards into the woods. I saw him pile up right at the edge. I knew he was dead."

After recovering his deer, he finally realized just how massive it was. Registering at non-typical 16 points and a green score of 215 and 3/4-inches with a 17 and 1/8-inch inside spread, this deer is a monster anywhere in the country.

From December 4th when this buck was shot, there has to be a 60 day waiting period before the official score. However, that shouldn't matter. This buck is a giant regardless of what the score might indicate.

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Mississippi Buck Likely Boone and Crockett Record