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Mississippi Bill Would Give Venison to Inmates


Venison donation to inmates may pass into law this session in Mississippi. 

A house bill in the Mississippi capitol has passed out of the Corrections Committee this week that would allow hunters to donate their unwanted game meat to prisons and jails around the state for inmate consumption.

HB 387, “Venison Harvesting Program for Inmate Consumption,” will make its way to Public Health Committee for a vote, and then will most likely have to be amended by the State’s Department of Agriculture along the way to the house floor.

Mississippi hunters, due to an overgrowth of deer, may bag up to five antlerless deer in a season and up to three antlered deer, no doubt an abundance of deer for any hunter. The bill will give hunters the option to donate the deer directly to the prison, where on-site processing will be set up, or donate their already processed venison.

A donation process such as this would allow hunters to bag their full limit, create jobs for prisoners, and save waste.

A bill on what seems like the complete opposite side of the coin that has not yet come up for vote in the Corrections Committee is military Meals Ready to Eat for inmates. HB 447, “State Prison Reform and Rehabilitation Act of 2015,” would put physically able inmates in tents and place them into work programs with most of their earnings going to compensate for their incarceration or to pay off child support, if applicable. The tented inmates would eat military rations.

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Mississippi Bill Would Give Venison to Inmates