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Mississippi Angler Takes State’s Third Largest Cobia

This fish must have put up one heck of a fight.

On Tuesday, Angler Brandon Bosarge of Pascagoula landed an monster 101.5-pound cobia during the Gulf Coast Cobia Classic.

Bosarge’s catch is the third largest cobia ever taken in a Mississippi tournament, according to WLOX News.

The fish was actually taken in Lousiana’s offshore waters, but the fishing tournament allows for anglers to catch cobia outside the Mississippi coastal zone.

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Dr. Jim Franks of the Gulf Coast Research Lab in Ocean Springs weighed and measured the fish.

“It was the third largest cobia we have weighed in Mississippi that we know of,” Franks said. “I am guessing the fish is at least nine years old. We will determine just how old it is when we examine the ear bones. The oldest one we have seen was 11 years old and the includes one of the hundred-pound fish that was caught 18 years ago at the Gorenflo’s [Cobia] Tournament.

Image via WLOX
Image via WLOX

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Bosarge caught the monster fish in 60 feet of water using a custom made green jig.

“We were jigging [oil] rigs,” said Bosarge. “This fish hit the jig and we never saw it. When it hit, I knew we had a big fish, but I didn’t think it was that big. I thought it might weigh 90-pounds until we got him in the boat.

Brosarge’s cobia is also the first 100-plus pound cobia to be weighed in Mississippi in 18 years. The last cobia to clear 100 pounds was caught in 1996 and weighed 106-pounds, 13-ounces.

This wasn’t the only monster fish recently taken in Lousiana’s offshore waters. Last week, a Houston resident took an enormous 297-pound Warsaw Grouper 35 miles off the Louisiana coast.

What’s your personal best for cobia fishing?

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Mississippi Angler Takes State’s Third Largest Cobia