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Mississippi Adds Right to Hunt to State Constitution

A constitutional amendment in Mississippi makes hunting and fishing a right instead of a privilege.

Voters made it clear this mid-term election day that they want their right to hunt and fish preserved.

Mississippi joins, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming in making hunting and fishing a constitutional right.

While opponents say this is a Second Amendment issue, and unnecessary to implement at the state level, proponents say it protects these activities in the future.

State legislators said once the law goes into effect, the Fish and Game authorities will work with them to set appropriate seasons, limits and licensing requirements.

87% of voters chose “Yes” at the ballot box. This amendment preempts any future attempt to regulate hunting and fishing. The amendment also establishes these sporting activities as the preferred method of population control and game management. Animal rights groups have been pushing special forms of contraception as the way to manage growing animal populations. Clearly, voters disagree.

The NRA has supported this kind of legislation because it stops animal rights and gun control groups from pushing hidden agendas masked as hunting and fishing regulations.

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Mississippi Adds Right to Hunt to State Constitution