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Missing Oregon Wolf Reappears 3 Years Later [PICS]

An Oregon wolf that disappeared from his pack three years ago has reappeared, over 300 miles away from where he was last seen.

A 7-year-old male wolf, OR-3, has been missing for three years after disappearing from the Imnaha pack back in 2011.

Last seen with his pack in the Wallowa Mountains, OR-3 has now been seen nearly 300 miles away near Crater Lake in northern Clamath County.

OR-3 had not been seen since September 2011 and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife had ceased their search for him after they were no longer able to track his radio collar. Many presumed that he was dead due to the halt in their searching.



The first rise of excitement came from a hunter's trail camera that showed a photograph of a black wolf with a radio collar. Officials later reviewed the photo and confirm that it was in fact OR-3.

According to The Oregonian, a state wildlife department spokesperson says that it is not yet clear as to whether OR-3 has joined another pack or where the last three years have taken him, but the department will begin collecting further information to learn more about this wolf's past now that they have a confirmed location.

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Missing Oregon Wolf Reappears 3 Years Later [PICS]