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Miss Kansas Theresa Vail Says Hunting Was a Lifesaver

Daily Mail

Former Army sergeant and Miss America Theresa Vail attributes hunting as saving her from a very dark place.

Hunting for Theresa Vail was more than about killing for food. As a young child, it also saved her life, she told to reporters.

As one of nine children to a United States Army soldier, Vail admits she had a tough time at school and home since she grew up in Germany. As a consequence, she tried to take her own life. It was her dad, however, that said she needed to find something that made her want to stay alive.

Hunting had always been his thing, it was his way of getting away from the kids and getting away from work and he decided to take me. It became our special thing, none of the other kids did it.

Now, at the age of 23, Vail has achieved much in life: Miss Kansas 2013, a 2014 Miss America top ten finalist, a Sergeant in the Kansas Army National Guard and now as an outdoor channel host of her own T.V. series "Limitless with Theresa Vail." Despite this she still has to overcome patronized remarks that she says she is learning to ignore.

God doesn't put things in life that you can't handle. I want to continue as a spokesperson for the Second Amendment, and supporting women in defending themselves.

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Miss Kansas Theresa Vail Says Hunting Was a Lifesaver