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Miss Kansas to Host 'Limitless' Hunting Show On Outdoor Channel

Beauty Queen Theresa Vail is leaving the bright lights of the runway for the great outdoors with her upcoming hunting show "Limitless."

The show, which will air on the Outdoor Channel next year, will center around bow hunting. Each episode will feature a personal challenge related to both hunting and the outdoors, according to the Witchita Eagle.

Limitless is an apt descriptor for Vail. For a 23-year-old woman, she has a long list of accomplishments.

She's most recognizable as Miss Kansas, and one of last year's Miss America contestants. But vail is also an avid hunter and U.S. Army Vet - she currently serves as a sergeant in the Kansas Army National Guard. Vail is also an honor student currently double-majoring in chemistry and Chinese at Kansas State. She was planning on becoming a dentist - that was until the Outdoor Channel approached her with the idea for the show.

"I told them I didn't want to do what everybody else was doing and they said they didn't either," she said. "We both wanted it to have more than just me on hunts. I was sold from there on."

Vail also said she's looking forward to learning more about hunting from her experiences with the show.

"I'm not afraid to say, 'Hey I don't know how to do this,' but I want to learn and do it myself, she said. "That's empowering and more people need to do it. I've never backpacked the meat from an elk down a mountain, but I will learn how and that's the kind of thing that makes me proud."

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"Limitless" began filming last month, and the show will air on the Outdoor Channel later next year.

Will you tune in for "Limitless"? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Miss Kansas to Host 'Limitless' Hunting Show On Outdoor Channel