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Talk About Misguided: Bill Maher Sounds Off on Hunting

Bill Maher, host of the political show Real Time with Bill Maher, felt it necessary to share his thoughts on hunting.

“New Rule: If you’re delighted to take a life, there’s something wrong with you.”

That’s how Maher started a recent blog post commenting on Jett Webb’s gigantic wild boar harvested in North Carolina.

We’d quote more of the post, but much of it is rather harsh. If you want to read it yourself, be prepared for rough language, and go here.

To his credit, Maher did acknowledge the fact that feral hogs are an invasive species. They are a serious issue in this country, and that hunting them is a proven way to curb their population size and destruction of land and property.

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It seems as though hunting itself isn’t Maher’s biggest pet peeve; it’s the trophy picture posing and “the absolute glee, the beaming with pride.”

Apparently he doesn’t feel like downing the hog was much of an accomplishment. Odds are hunters, especially those who know about the trouble caused by feral hogs, would disagree.

Maher also serves on the PETA board of directors.

In an effort to debunk some hunting myths and help people like Maher understand the reasons behind why we do the things we do, we’d like to get across a few points.

First, Maher readily admits that he understands that many people need to hunt to help put food on the table. Many hunters simply don’t have a choice. It was reported that Webb did indeed eat the hog (and will probably be eating it throughout the summer).
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Also, there needs to be an open dialogue between hunters and non-hunters that helps both sides understand the concerns of the other. Hunting and shooting help support the wildlife conservation efforts in this country, and if it weren’t for outdoorsmen and women who spend money on the industry, our country’s wildlife and habitat would be in much worse shape.

At the same time, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, we just hope that they come with a background of educated experience and a full consideration for everyone’s feelings on the subject.

What do you think of Maher’s comments? Is he out of line, or does he have a point?

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Talk About Misguided: Bill Maher Sounds Off on Hunting