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Minnesota’s 2016 Walleye Stamp Has Been Chosen


The winner of the 2016 Minnesota walleye stamp contest has been chosen.

Nicholas Markell from Hugo, Minnesota entry has been chosen as the winner of the annual Minnesota Walleye Stamp contest.

His rendition of a beautiful walleye dropping a lure on the brink of escape (shown below) was selected from eight other entries by a panel of judges from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Markell’s artwork will be the new face of the 2016 walleye stamp.


Besides fellow artist Stuart Nelson, Markell is the only other artist to have won this honor twice. He has also had his artwork featured on the 2012 trout and salmon stamps, 2013 walleye stamp, and also won the 2016 turkey stamp contest.

While the stamp is not mandatory to fish for or keep walleye in Minnesota, the five dollar stamp’s proceeds go towards stocking future walleye. For an additional 75 cents, you can have a collectible stamp mailed to you.

The DNR does not offer prizes for the contest winners, but the artists do get to keep full rights to reproduce their work.

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Minnesota’s 2016 Walleye Stamp Has Been Chosen