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World Record 8-Point Whitetail Antlers Now on Display

The antlers of a world record 8-point whitetail taken by a poacher in 2009 are now on display.

On Tuesday, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources unveiled a permanent display for the impressive antlers at their headquarters in downtown St. Paul.

The rack is believed to be the largest 8-point whitetail typical in the world, according to the Star Tribune. The inside of the rack measures 28 3/8 inches. It's gross Boone and Crockett score is 190 5/8 and it's net score is 181. The rack is estimated to be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The DNR has already showcased the antlers at several venues across the state.

"They have been displayed at the State Fair, Game Fair, the Deer Classic and at Turn in Poacher (TIP) and Deer Hunters Association banquets,'' DNR Assistant Enforcement Director Rod Smith told the "We wanted a place where people could see them any time of the year.''

The public can view the antlers in the lobby of the DNR headquarters from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

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World Record 8-Point Whitetail Antlers Now on Display