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Minnesota Troopers Rescue Injured Bald Eagles

Minnesota State Troopers placed some unusual suspects in the back of patrol car recently.

Law enforcement officers in Minnesota, like most states, deal with their fair share of bizarre stories. In late March, however, State Trooper, Paul Kingery, responded to a call along Interstate 494 near the city of Eagan that he likely won't soon forget.

As reported on the state's own Twitter page, @MnDPS_MSP, dispatchers received a call for an injured bald eagle near the busy Interstate late last month. Suspected of being hit by a vehicle, Trooper Kingery wrapped the large bird in his jacket and placed it in the back seat of his patrol car.

MN State Trooper Wraps Eagle in Ccoat
MN State Trooper Wraps Eagle in Coat

He then brought the eagle to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center in St. Paul for examination. Tests showed the bird suffered internal injuries, but surprisingly, no broken bones.  The eagle will remain at the Raptor Center until healed and is expected to make a full recovery.

Raptor Center Receives Injured Eagle
Raptor Center Receives Injured Eagle

As if that wasn't odd enough, less than a week later, Troopers were again called in to rescue another injured bald eagle. This eagle, also hit by a vehicle, was found along Highway 21 near Faribault. The bird was brought to Faribault Vetinary Clinic for medical attention.

Check out the clinic's Facebook page here for the latest updates on the status of the bird.


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Minnesota Troopers Rescue Injured Bald Eagles