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Minnesota Officials Believe CWD-Positive Deer a Localized Incident

Travis Smola

The Minnesota DNR is saying the CWD outbreak in the southeast part of the state appears to be contained.

In some good news for Minnesota deer hunters, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is saying the presence of chronic wasting disease, or CWD, does not appear to be widespread in one part of the state.

Officials tested 2,866 deer in the southeastern part of the state during the state’s first firearms deer season. Only two deer actually tested positive for the deadly neurological disorder from an area near Lanesboro.

According to the Rosemount Town Pages, the two deer were taken roughly a mile apart from each other. “This was an extensive surveillance effort,” DNR wildlife research manager Dr. Lou Cornicelli said. “While we’re disappointed we found two positive deer, we remain optimistic the infection is localized and widespread throughout the southeast.”

The two infected deer represent just the second and third known instances of the disease in the state in the last six years. The Rosemount Town Pages reports the DNR will still implement a CWD response plan and hold a public meeting for the public to learn the agency’s response.

The good news for Minnesota and other hunters nationwide is that CWD seems to be in the news less this year than in 2015. Primary CWD stories this year have been in places like Michigan. The Great Lakes State has found itself expanding CWD zones and others like Alabama, are finding themselves having to enforce new deer carcass importation rules as wildlife agencies across the country try to fight the disease getting into their herds.


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Minnesota Officials Believe CWD-Positive Deer a Localized Incident