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Minnesota Man Wrestles Deer Out of Home

Every deer hunter's goal is to get close enough to their quarry for a shot. However, one Minnesota man took getting up close and personal with a whitetail to a whole new level.

Jon Linnel was fast asleep in his bed when he was awoken by a sound that he described as an earthquake. His wife told him that a deer had somehow found its way into the living room of their home.

Linnel went to investigate and discovered the doe jumping and thrashing around the room after having crashed through the room's sliding glass door. The outdoorsman immediately leaped into action and attempted to tackle the approximately 135 pound animal. After wrestling with the deer for an estimated period of 15 minutes, Linnel was finally able to grab the deer's legs and drag it outside into the sub-zero temperatures.

Check out a video of the story from here.

"So the first thing that came to mind was I had to stop this deer from thrashing and busting everything up. When I came down the steps I saw that it had turned, so I tried to tackle it. ... I was wrestling it; seemed like an eternity but it may have been 15 minutes from beginning to end," Linnel said.

The deer was later tracked by a game warden and found to be unharmed. The damage done to the Linnel's home is estimated to be $2,400.

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Minnesota Man Wrestles Deer Out of Home