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Minnesota Fishing Opener Will Bring 500,000 Anglers to the Water [VIDEO]

The Minnesota fishing opener is Saturday, May 10, 2014.

Anglers from the Land of 10,000 Lakes hold the fishing opener—when walleye, northern pike, and sauger are once again legal game on the state’s inland lakes and rivers—in high regard. It’s easily one of the defining moments of the year in Minnesota.

Record-setting pace for pre-season license purchasing, as well as an estimated 500,000 anglers hitting the water this weekend alone, is enough for Minnesota to make a claim for the most fish crazy state in the country.

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The state’s legendary Gull Lake will host the Governor’s Fishing Opener on Saturday, a seasonal tradition that sees Minnesota’s governor (in this year’s case, Mark Dayton) to the Brainerd Lakes area for a 12:01 am fishing trip, signaling the green light for the opener.

For more on the history behind Gull Lake, which includes Indian chiefs, gangsters, gamblers and resort visionaries, can be read in this great piece by the Star Tribune’s Doug Smith.

Walleye, another popular Minnesota game fish, has its official season open two weeks before Memorial Day, so as to allow for their spawning opportunities. Bass season opens on May 24 in the southern portion of the state, and muskie is June 7.

Here’s a quick news story on the opener from the Twin Cities ABC affiliate, KSTP.

How many of you will be hitting Minnesota waters for the opening weekend?

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Minnesota Fishing Opener Will Bring 500,000 Anglers to the Water [VIDEO]