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Minnesota DNR Announces Additional Canada Goose Season for August


High Canada geese numbers lead to additional hunting dates in August for Minnesota.

Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources has announced another special August goose hunting season for the west-central part of the state from August 3 to August 23. Hunters will be allowed to take up to 10 Canada geese per day, with no limits on the number that can be possessed.

The season will be open in what has been designated as the “intensive harvest” zone. It’s the third year Minnesota has held the special season to help try to limit the amount of damage done to crops in that portion of the state.

According to DNR waterfowl specialist Steve Cordts, hunters have harvested about 45,000 geese in the special seasons the past two seasons.

The special season comes in response to high geese numbers.

“The state’s Canada goose population remains high, and the August management action is one way to control goose numbers,” Cordts said in a press release. “This harvest helps limit the amount of damage the birds cause to crops in the western portion of the state.”

Hunters will have plenty of options to get their share of geese in Minnesota this fall. A September season will run from September 5 to September 22. The full dates for the regular Canada geese season have not yet been finalized. The season has a tentative opening date of September 26.

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Minnesota DNR Announces Additional Canada Goose Season for August