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Minnesota Deer Season Opening Weekend Numbers Low

Minnesota DNR

The opening weekend for the Minnesota deer season was lower than normal, but that was the intention. 

54,000 hunters were registered for the opening weekend of the regular firearms Minnesota deer season.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), by this time last year 74,ooo hunters were registered.

The Minnesota deer season currently has a total of 67,000 deer harvests, including the harvests from special hunts and archery season. Last year at this time, close to 100,000 deer had been harvested.

These reductions are the result of more regulations implemented to make certain deer, including does, off limits. The DNR hopes this will allow the deer population to grow.

Over the next few years, the DNR is planning to evaluate and revise its deer population goals. For more information about the Minnesota deer season, visit the DNR website.

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Image via Minnesota DNR

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Minnesota Deer Season Opening Weekend Numbers Low