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Minnesota Bear Hunting Guide Sentenced and Fined for Hunting Violations

bear-hunting guide
Minnesota Department Natural Resources

Multiple violations for a Minnesota bear hunting guide led to fines and being banned from hunting for three years.

In 2012, conservation officers from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) started an investigation into Brandon R. Greeley, a bear hunting guide, for violating multiple game laws involving bear, deer, fish, and other fur-bearing animals.

Greeley is a well-known chronic poacher and there’s proof. In his most recent investigation from two weeks ago Greeley pleaded guilty in Cook County District Court to multiple hunting misdemeanors. He lost all hunting privileges for three years and was fined $4,000.

In February of this year, he was convicted of unlawful transportation of wild animals and taking a deer without a hunting license. He was ordered to pay $2,420 in fines and sentenced to one-year probation. Judge Michael Cuzzo also ordered Greeley to not be present in any hunting camp; not to be in the field or accompany hunters in any way; and not to engage in any hunting, guiding, or outfitting services for three years.

Last year in Faribault County he was convicted of illegally taking, buying, selling, transporting, and possessing protected wild animals. He was ordered to pay $1,495 in fines. In 2012, when his investigation began, he was accused of shooting two bears without a license and using a client’s tag to register them. 

As part of this long investigation, over 100 illegally-obtained items were seized during searches of three of the properties Greeley and his parents owned. These included bear pelts, deer quarters, fish, and other furbearing animals. All of which helped lead to multiple violations to help prosecute him.       

His illegal activities not only included himself, but many of his clients he served as a bear guide to as well. These included not having the proper license to hunt bear in specific zones, illegally transferring bear tags, failing to register bears, and lending a bear license.

The DNR records indicate that Greeley convinced four clients to buy tags for the wrong zone when they were drawn for a zone Greeley could not guide in. A different client filmed himself shooting a bear that was later tagged by the hunter’s father. Officers searched that client’s residence and seized the bear’s hide.

Everyone is reminded to report any fish or game violations to their local fish and wildlife officers. Poachers hurt everyone who hunt legally and steal precious natural resources.

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Minnesota Bear Hunting Guide Sentenced and Fined for Hunting Violations