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Potential World Record Trout Could Land Minnesota Angler In Trouble [UPDATE]

A Minnesota angler who caught a possible world record trout is in trouble with US and Canadian wildlife agencies.

On Monday night, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources confiscated Minnesota angler Robb Scott's possible world record trout from a taxidermy shop in Duluth Minnesota.

Scott, 68, caught the fish on Feb. 8, while ice fishing Lac la Croix near the Minnesota and Ontario border. The Duluth News Tribune reported that Minnesota angler was only allowed to catch one lake trout, but caught two and gave the smaller one to his nephew. Both the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Minnesota DNR are currently investigating the catch.

Scott had an Ontario Conservation fishing license, which allows anglers to catch and keep only one lake trout per day. That includes fish that are eaten or given away.

"It was the heat of the moment," Scott told the Duluth Minnesota News. "I am not denying that it was a violation of the 'party fishing' rules, and I got caught."

As for what happens to the fish, the Minnesota DNR said they plan to keep it in tip top shape.

"Knowing the importance of this fish being a world-record fish, we're taking the utmost care to keep it in the same shape it was in when Mr. Scott brought it to the taxidermist," said DNR officer Darrin Kittelson.

A Possible World Record Trout

Scott's trophy catch turned out to be an absolute monster-sized lake trout. It measured 45 inches long, 32 inches in girth and weighed 52.3 pounds on a hand-held scale. The official world record for caught ice-fished lake trout is 40 pounds. Scott will have to submit his catch to the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame for an official weighing to claim the world record.

As for bragging rights, Scott has already taken his fish to town.

"That's unbelievable fish for there," said Bill Congdon, a local Minnesota angler Bill Congdon who has fished the same area of the lake as Scott. "Thirty-something would be a huge one. I've caught 'em 20. But 52.3?"

The National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame record for lake trout caught through ice was taken in 1987 by Minnesota angler Earl Palmquist of International Falls, Minnesota. His catch measured 40 pounds and measured 43 inches long.

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Potential World Record Trout Could Land Minnesota Angler In Trouble [UPDATE]