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Minn. Man Delivers Unborn Fawn with Box Cutter

A passer-by stepped up to deliver a fawn from a pregnant deer killed in a traffic accident near Minneapolis.

Last Sunday, Bill Schulte was driving through Prior Lake – a community just south of the Twin Cities – when he saw a doe get hit by a car.

When Schulte pulled over, he noticed the deer had a baby inside it.

“I was like, oh, she’s gone,” Schulte told local news, “but the baby’s in there kicking. I’ve got to do something.”

So he took out a box cutter knife he uses for landscaping and delivered the fawn on the side of the road.

“It was just nice to see how he came right out nice and smooth,” said Schulte, “and I just worked the neck, because his neck came out first.”

Schulte took the fawn to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota in Roseville. The fawn is currently recovering in a playpen with two other rescued fawns. Wildlife rehabilitators have nicknamed him Bambi.

Bambi will stay at the center for the rest of the summer before he’s released back into the wild.

In general, you should leave fawns alone, even if they aren’t with their mother.

That being said, Schulte did a great thing stepping in to deliver the fawn.

Featured image via CBS Minnesota. 

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Minn. Man Delivers Unborn Fawn with Box Cutter