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Mink Tunnels into Ice Shanty for Walleye ‘Smash and Grab’

Get a load of this opportunistic mink as he makes like a bank robber – or ice shanty robber – with walleye heist on his mind.

Everyone knows that mink love fish. One clever and opportunistic mink surprised a few ice fishermen when he tunneled through the snow under their ice shanty.

The weasley critter definitely had devious intentions as he scurried about the shanty, much to the amusement of the anglers, before zeroing in on their catch of walleyes at the side wall.

Making like a not-so-skilled pickpocket, the creature grabbed a small walleye and suddenly the chase inside the shanty was on!

The ice angler scrambled after the furbearer, under and around tackle boxes, seats and gear, alternately laughing and cursing the agile thief.

Finally, he was able to force the little plunderer to release his catch. The mink dodged a feigned swat, briefly bumbled into one of the open ice holes, jumped out and scooted back through his entry tunnel to freedom. But not before leaving a calling card of sorts, and perhaps his opinion of the anglers who foiled his lunch.

“Ugh, it’s starting to smell in here!” exclaimed the would-be victim of the theft before he ejected the mink.

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Mink Tunnels into Ice Shanty for Walleye ‘Smash and Grab’