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The MiniMag: Go Bowfishing with a Slingshot [VIDEO]


Bowfishing is kind of a niche sport, but this new slingshot, called the MiniMag, opens up a world of new bowfishing opportunities.

Bowfishing is growing more and more popular, possibly due to the increasing number of videos popping up of awesome bowfishing shots. But, whatever the case, it is something we love to see.

As long as it is done legally, and you only shoot fish you intend to eat, bowfishing is a fun and exciting way to feed your family.

Bowfishing has historically required a bow, as indicated by the name, but thanks to the MiniMag, that is no longer the case.

First of all, the MiniMag looks sweet, and to top it off it seems to be effective. If you are looking to get into bowfishing and want one of these to help get into tight spaces, it seems to be the real deal.

You can check it out and add your own accessories to the MiniMag and be making your own amazing bowfishing videos soon.

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The MiniMag: Go Bowfishing with a Slingshot [VIDEO]