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Mini Me Goes to the Shooting Range [VIDEO]

Verne Troyer, aka Mini Me, has more talents than just starring in box office hits. He also knows how to handle himself on the range.

In this episode of Verne’s show, “One Size Fits All,” he takes aim down range with a couple different .22 caliber guns, and does some damage…

A big thanks to Richard Ryan for taking me out to the range for our first episode of One Size Fits All. Be sure to subscribe to his channel for amazing slow motion footage of all things guns.

Mini Me is a dangerous man with a gun in his hand!

Verne did very well hitting the Mountain Dew cans and watermelons with both .22s, but opts to sit out shooting the big 50 cal to just watch Richard shoot it.

Who can blame the guy; as they said, the bullet is just about as big as his forearm.

There’s just nothing like the .50, and Richard demonstrated its awesome power as it completely obliterated the watermelon.

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Mini Me Goes to the Shooting Range [VIDEO]