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Millions of Mayflies Caught on Ohio Weatherman’s Radar [VIDEO]

When the mayflies hatch it can be of epic proportions.

Mayflies hatching over Lake Erie showed up on this weatherman’s radar.

Millions of mayflies sure have a radar signature. Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson says this large amount of mayflies hatching indicates that the Lake Erie ecosystem is in good shape.


A healthy ecosystem is great news for all of the fishermen and women who enjoy fishing on Lake Erie. When these mayflies invade the mainland and islands along Lake Erie, things get quite interesting.


Mayflies hatch out as adults for one purpose: mate. They live only for a few days afterwards.

If you’re a fly fisherman, knowing the mayfly hatch patterns can be a real advantage. Pay attention when occurrences like this happen, and you might make the nightly news as well (with a record fish, that is).

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Millions of Mayflies Caught on Ohio Weatherman’s Radar [VIDEO]