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Here’s Your Chance at a Million Dollar Pheasant


Want a chance to shoot a pheasant worth a million dollars? 

Some of you may remember the Million Dollar Fish that Cabela’s put into lakes a few years ago. Years ago, at Sprague Lake off of I-90 west of Spokane, Washington, Cabela’s supposedly stocked a fish worth a million dollars. That fish, still to this day, has yet to be caught. It has had avid fisherman wondering if it was a hoax.

Now, the Arberdeen Hotel Alliance, located in Aberdeen, South Dakota has imitated the opportunity and banded 100 pheasants for hunters.

On Oct. 17 2014, 100 banded birds were released around Brown County, South Dakota as part of the annual Million Dollar Bird promotion.

Arberdeen Hotel Alliance

To win the grand prize of a million dollars, the band selected in a January drawing must match a predetermined number that’s stored electronically within the Convention and Visitors Bureau office in downtown Aberdeen. Each bird that is taken must be brought to the bureau’s office site to be recorded for the grand prize offering in January.

Let’s hope that someone wins the million dollar prize. Oftentimes, these opportunities only benefit local economies without a proper payout. If, in fact, it turns up a winner, this could be beneficial both to local economies as well as the program.

If you’re interested in hunting this area of Aberdeen, South Dakota, be sure to got to the hunting and fishing website and register.

Good hunting!

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Here’s Your Chance at a Million Dollar Pheasant