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Milking the World’s Most Venomous Fish Is as Easy as It Sounds [VIDEO]

“Milking” one of the most venomous fish is no day at the beach. 

You’re probably wondering what the heck is the most venomous fish in the world? The answer is, the stonefish.

The stonefish is a coastal fish and these folks give a special inside look at this venomous fish.

You are also probably wondering how to milk a fish. Well, this Australian toxinologist simulates a situation where the stonefish would sting and then collects the venom for scientific study. Milking a fish is just to produce its toxic venom for collection.

Learn more about the stonefish and how one would go about milking it.

The sharp, hypodermic-like needle at the top is simply amazing and pretty scary. I’m sure you’ll now watch where you are walking on that pristine Australian beach.

The toxinologist explains and describes this deadly fish and the information is eye-opening. Thankfully, there aren’t stonefish in North America. They typically reside along the northern coast of Australia and parts of South Africa.

If you are in the stonefish’s area, be sure to be careful. Unless you are planning to milk one.

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Milking the World’s Most Venomous Fish Is as Easy as It Sounds [VIDEO]