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5 Military-Grade Combat Animals [PICS]

Humans have been using animals in the military for a while now. There may be some you didn’t expect…

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Recently, Russia made the news for, yet again, hassling the Ukraine. This time they over-stepped their boundaries by seizing Ukraine’s military dolphins. That wasn’t a typo. The U.S. also has dolphins in the military… This got me thinking how many other animals we, as humans, use in war. Check out this slideshow of some animals used in the military around the world.

Some of these animals in combat are obviously not used any more due to animal cruelty. The animals that are soldiers today include dogs, seals and dolphins.

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Do you know of other animals used in the military?



I didn’t know we had trained dolphins in the army. Maybe you did. We, and former Soviet nations, use dolphins to locate underwater mines, attack scuba enemies, and rescue lost or drowning naval personnel. Sound like an Austin Powers movie? Well, military dolphins are a real thing. And Russia just seized Ukraine’s


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Moose were used in Sweden and the Soviet region for deep-snow calvary. This didn’t last past the second World War because moose are more trouble than they’re worth; they are expensive to feed, gun-shy and are prone to a multitude of livestock diseases.


Harold Ross

Camels have been used in battle for centuries. I recognized this animal in combat, but I didn’t realize camels are still used today for transportation in the Indian Army and for monitoring Border Security in the desert region of Rajasthan in N. India. This photo is of the Chinese Army on camels.


How Stuff Works

Scientists have “taught” bees how to find bombs. I didn’t know bees could smell but researchers in New Mexico have figured out how to train honeybees to stick out their proboscis, the tube they stick into flowers to grab the pollen, when they smell a bomb. Calling bull? Check out the article from NBC News here. They want to use the bees in Iraq.



This may be the craziest combat animal of all…

The U.S. had a project called Bat Bomb, where Mexican Free-Tailed Bats were used in WWII to carry bombs. The bomb contained a bunch of bats who, in turn, had little bombs strapped onto them. The bomb would then be parachuted and release the bats. The bats would then roost in eaves and attics in enemy territory and the bomb would be detonated. These were like little suicide bombers and are now considered animal cruelty. They weren’t used again after WWII.

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5 Military-Grade Combat Animals [PICS]