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Military Begins Battlefield Testing For Smart Rifles Used By Hunters, Shooters

The US Army has announced it has purchased six smart rifles from high-tech gun maker Tracking Point to see if the guns can transform ordinary soldiers into precision snipers.

It's no surprise that the Army would eventually take interest in Tracking Point's Precision Guided Firearms, which are currently marketed to sport shooters and hunters. The high-tech guns allow shooters of all levels to track and accurately hit targets up to 1,200 yards away.

The Army purchased six of the company's smart rifles to determine if they can give their soldiers and sharpshooters a superior edge on the battlefield.

Tracking Point Shows Us Their New Guns

Tracking Point Shows Us Their New GunsAt this year's SHOT Show, Tracking Point gave Wide Open Spaces a video preview of their new 750 series hunting rifles and their upcoming 500 series AR-style rifle.

"We're really excited about the opportunity to provide this technology to increase our country's effectiveness in times of war," Oren Schauble, Tracking Point's VP of marketing told CNET. "We're very interested in how we can increase the average soldier's effectiveness."

Tracking Point's Networked Tracking Scopes are loaded with high-tech features that allow shooters to mark and track moving targets at far distances. Through the scope, shooters can view real-time shooting-path information and relay live feed from the rifle's optics to smartphone or computer devices. It's powerful technology that makes shooting a moving target at 1,000 yards away a doable feat for a novice shooter.

At this year's SHOT Show, the largest firearms industry convention in the US, Tracking Point debuted their 750 series hunting rifles and previewed their upcoming 500 series, which includes an AR-style rifle with same technology. It's unclear whether the Army has begun testing the AR rifle for battlefield use. While the 750 series retails at nearly $9,995, most of the company's smart rifles sell between $22,500-$27,500.

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The Army is expected to take a while to evaluate the guns to determine to if they are ready for battlefield use.

Do you think the US Army should use Tracking Point's smart rifles on the battlefied? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Military Begins Battlefield Testing For Smart Rifles Used By Hunters, Shooters