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Military Arms Channel Shows off a New Pig Gun

LWRC Amrasight

The little piggies have no where to hide, even in the dark, now thanks to this LWRC Rifle and the Armasight Zeus Pro Optic.

Military Arms Channel has access to some of the most restricted weaponry. That being said we're very fortunate that the information is being shared amongst the shooting industry.

On this video we get to the LWRC and Armasight paired up.

The LWRC AR15 chambered in 6.8 SPC is a pretty advantageous round that can definitely be an asset when trying to knock down a 400-pound wild boar. The efficiency of a reliable AR-15, capable of delivering 120 gr rounds down range out of a spiral fluted barrel is absolutely critical. The 6.8 SPC roars at 2,550 fps and delivers 1,588 foot pounds of energy

The Armasight Zeus Pro is a very costly upgrade to purchase (that's if they will even sell it to the average consumer), and you will be shelling about eight grand just to cover the price tag. Pair that with the AR-15 of your choice though and you have one solid fighting rifle.

These toys are definitely the finer things in life and are very cool to see being put through their paces. I can't wait to see MAC take on the wild boars and see how quickly it can knock them over.


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Military Arms Channel Shows off a New Pig Gun